Friday, November 03, 2006

Cleaning Help

The wind isn’t
very good yard help,
she sweeps the leaves there,
and then here, and then there.
Most days she works hard
but never cleans a damn thing;
I’d hire the moon, but
he only does windows.

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Borut said...

Love this one.

samuru999 said...

love it!
A very neat poem!
love the reading too!
Have a nice weekend!


Poetry by Kai said...

thats cute

Anonymous said...

I like the way you read your own poetry.

MB said...

The rain was trying to clean things up around here last night, but now I can't rake my leaves! The moon can do my windows anytime, though. Fun one, Pat!

polona said...

wow! love this one!
and it's interesting that you address the wind as a "she" and the moon as a "he"... in slovenian, the objects have genders, and the wind is masculine whereas the moon can be either, though the feminine version is more common.

Endment said...

Great Stuff -

mikaelah said...

this one just made me smile and laugh and realize the leaves don't really need to go anywhere except wherever they go... ah the fun of having "help".

Osquer said...

Pat, that was marvelous! She's been at work outside the house all day! I'll think of this when I see the moon tonight.

I loved hearing you read this! You have a warm voice on this chill autumn day.

Tim S said...

LOL! The wind sounds like my todller! I got alot of amusement from thisone - thanks.

Anonymous said...

Send the moon round to my place, Pat. It'd be nice to see out of my windows for a change ... ;-)

Cathy said...

More, more!....

S. Thomas Summers said...

clever. a new persepective offerred here. enjoyed.


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

perfect! such a lot in a small amount of words!

Don Iannone said...

For some reason, I could not leave a comment on Between The Lines Passé, so I'll post it here: Terrific. And so great to hear your voice.

NINANINA said...

i always loved that bob dylan song "idiot wind" :)
The moon rules...

C said...

That's a very interesting take on your cleaning progress.

Masago said...

Love it.

Pat Paulk said...

Thanks Borut!!

Thank you Margie!! I did. Hope you did too.

Why thank you Miss Kai!!

Thanks Joyce!!

MB, the moon around here this weekend get the windows sparkling bright!! Thank you!!

Polona, I know I did good when I get one of your wows!! Thank you!!

Endment, thanks you!!

Mikaelah, I like the way you interpret that. Thank you!!

Osquer, it was window cleaning moon this weekend. Thank you!!

Tim, the wind acts like a toddler, sometimes, cute and adorable, others, not so. Glad it made you laugh!!

SB, I thought that was your place, 2nd crater to the left...

Thank you Cathy!!

STS, thanks for coming by and commenting!! I visited yours yesterday, but was in a rush, will go back in a bit.

Andrew, a very rich compliment from an accomplished haiku and tanka poet!!

Don, thanks!! I don't have a clue what happened. I didn't know til last night it had disappeared. Must have been the blogger poltergeist.

Nina, Dylan and the moon both rule in my book!!

C, you got me figured out. The leaves are taking over.

Vaughn, thank you!!

sigmund fraud said...

wow. very vivid imagination !