Monday, November 13, 2006

Physics At Four A.M.

My eyes opened to physics at four a.m.,
the big bang and falling apples,
relativity, black holes eating the apples
disappearing into a theory of everything;
particles vibrating off strings, one to five;
a membrane transcending dimensions,
three to eleven, and then back again
to what caused the bang…oh! and
chalk calculations that easily erase.

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MB said...

This made me laugh! It's a wonderful take on the twists and turns of a not-yet-wide-awake but definitely thinking brain. Love the little chuckle you included.

Poetry by Kai said...


polona said...

WOW!! great poem (made me laugh, too), love the presentation!

gracie said...

Totally totally love it..!!

Anonymous said...

Great poem, Pat!

P.S. It is nice to see that someone else keeps up with the latest theories of physics. M-theory looks particularly interesting. But maybe it is all being created by our minds. ;-)

Cathy said...

I had the same experience; except mine were not so easily erased.

samuru999 said...

Loved this one Pat!
Made me laugh too!
Great reading!!!


mikaelah said...

love it!

Amalendu said...

loved it... enjoyed the subtle humor...

Masago said...

A nightmare! Love it.

Nea said...

sometimes a poem is best expressed in a persons own words........I liked this Pat........

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

this is brilliant!! I love it!

Pat Paulk said...

MB, I'm not sure my brain ever completely wakes up. Always glad to provide a laugh!! Thank you!!

Thanks Kai!!

Polona your swelling my head with WOW's. Thank you!!

Gracie, I totally love the comment!!

SB, all those strings under one roof?? Sounds more like chaos to me. Thanks!!

Cathy, you have alot more going on than I do. Thank you!!

Thank you Margie!! Loved your reading!!

Thanks Mikaelah!!

Amalendu, subtle? Me? Maybe a little... Thanks!!

Actually, Vaughn, I sleep with the TV on and I woke up to a Science channel show on the Theory of Everything. Put me back to sleep pretty quick.

Thanks Nea!!

Thanks Andrew!!

M. Shahin said...

I love this - I just wish I could love my physics class as much as this poem. It is tough class but it is amazing to see how things work in the universe.

Excellent poem. You forged into an intimidating subject and made it interesting.

Pat Paulk said...

M. Shahin, thank you!! I'm sure I get laughed out of a physics class.