Thursday, November 16, 2006

“Into Each Life…”

God washed his birds yesterday,
mail boxes and dead leaves too;

rivers in gutters fell over the edges
of a waterfall system of drains.

Streets bathed, but not behind the curbs,
led home, and away, and back again;

God washed his birds yesterday,
a Sparrow fell from its perch.


jel said...

very good,

the last line is sad!

Medusa aka expiringpoet said...

Love the introspective mood of this one Pat. Sombre yet beautiful. As always, I'm amazed how you can create such beautiful writings on a daily basis :)

Russell Ragsdale said...

This is it:

Streets drying, but not yet dry,
lead home, and away, and back again;


and the rain sad death:

Touch that sadness with love
And it will be your own
(and away, and back again)

Russell Ragsdale said...

I should have added:

Were does sorrow come from
(leads home)

Awesome poem Pat!

I've been reading some of your works to some literature classes when I teach them poetry. I hope you don't mind?

MB said...

So much motion this, and the sense of leaving home (and back) in various ways reverberates throughout. Very nice!

Jon Cox said...

Wonderful! :o)

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

................I had to sneak in!! Perfect Pat!! I have missed your poems...I feel renewed!

Anonymous said...

i love this

polona said...

awww... amazing!

samuru999 said...

I'm not supposed to be visiting blogs...but I sneaked out of bed to visit yours Pat!

I've missed your poetry...
and I love this one!


gracie said...

a Sparrow fell from its perch.... and it was seen.
wonderfully sad!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for stopping by.


Poetry by Kai said...


Anonymous said...

This made me smile.

Amalendu said...

lovely poem Pat...

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

very nice! We just finished a long line of rain, so I can relate to this.

Don Iannone said...

Good one, Mr. Pat.

Reminds me of:

Eliza: The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain.
Higgins: I think she's got it. I think she's got it.
Eliza: The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain.
Higgins: By George, she's got it. By George, she's got it. Now once again, where does it rain?
Eliza: On the plain! On the plain!
Higgins: And where's that soggy plain?
Eliza: In Spain! In Spain!
Chorus: The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain!...

My Fair Lady

Pat Paulk said...

Thanks Janice!! On the green side of grass I guess it is.

Thanks Medusa!!

Russell, I changed tenses there and I didn't like it, I know you can do that, but I was anal about it so I changed it. Hey, are you kidding, I'm honored!!

Yeah, it rained pretty hard and that does produce alot of motion. Thanks MB!!

Thanks Jon Cox!!

Corey you don't ever have to sneak in. The light and front door are always open. Thank you!!

Thanks Ruthanne!! Glad to see you around!!

Thanks Polona!!

Margie, I'm glad you sneaked over, hope you're feeling better and back to writing!!

Thank you Gracie!!

Cassie, thank you!! It was my pleasure!!

Thanks little butterfly!!

SB, always glad to bring on a smile!!

Thanks Dad!!

Thanks Don!! One of my all time favorites.

Masago said...

Eternal optimist: the sparrow fell off his perch but came out of a power dive just in time to swoop back up and on to another perch. :-)

Pat Paulk said...

Thanks Vaughn!! Life does have its downs and ups!!

Nea said...

god gave us a rather ungentle rain here recently.......I wondered if the birds were able to "hang on".

Anonymous said...

Boy did we get a bath of rain...Nicely put

Anonymous said...

This is lovely!
I love the opening vrese. It shows that everything gets washed and can be made clean again!

Thanks pat.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat,

That's deep-rooted indeed. Reminds me of the time when I spent half a Sunday finding a home for a befallen sparrow (fell from its nest on a coconut tree onto my front-yard). This poem reminds me of my poem: "To the Wet Woods'.
The frog croaks,
The cloud heaves.
The rain trickles down
The wet coconut leaves.

The jungle plays a tune,
The cricket sings along.
The firefly flies by with
A disturbed luminescence barely strong.

Falling water, rustling trees,
An occasional thunderous lightning,
A scared toad and concerned insects -
Quite a natural thing.

The bubbly soil exudes a mesmerizing aroma,
The plantain leaves beam with sheen.
Rain in the woods - a harbinger of life
And all things - clean and green.

You could visit my blog too...