Tuesday, November 21, 2006

New World Table

Had lunch with an old friend today.
The tiny café table didn’t have enough room
to spread out thirty years, but
art, poetry and The Isle of Skye
fit nicely between her plate
of falafel and my gyro sandwich.
She’s going to buy a house,
and live in a town named
for an Indian chief, or his wife,
pronounced “seh-noy” not “seh-noy-yuh”
as outsider-eyes would fool one into thinking.
I’m going to buy a boat,
and sail from “bis-troh” to “peet-suh-ree-uh”
in search of a table
large enough for a long visit.


Anonymous said...

A very nice transference of feeling for a particular relationship!

gautami tripathy said...


"The tiny café table didn’t have enough room"

It says it all..

samuru999 said...

This is good Pat!


MB said...

art, poetry and The Isle of Skye
fit nicely between her plate
of falafel and my gyro sandwich

I love that. It somehow condenses much of the whole world into a few inches.

Don Iannone said...

I'd publish this one! GREAT JOB!

floots said...

liked this
may well join you on that visit :)
(had to look up gyro sandwich)

Mrs. Staggs said...

I do not know much about poetry, but I do know that I like reading yours.
I am enjoying my visits here very much!

mikaelah said...

what a great poem
I love these kinds of lunches that get spread all over the table

Poetry by Kai said...


polona said...

any lunch containing art, poetry and The Isle of Skye must be a good one, no matter the size of the table.
awsome stuff, pat! love it!!

Margo said...

So well said!!

ann said...

oh this conjures up wonderful images.... I love it

"bis-troh to peet-su-ree-uh"

lotsa luv ann xxxx

Kranti said...

Like they say in Hindi - "Shaabaash Pat!!" (well done Pat!!)

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

buy a boat! Then you can sail here and eat at my table in the south of France!

Masago said...

Cute, clever, and romantic all rolled into one!

steve said...

How good to have
time to catch up
like a linen tablecloth

Cathy said...

I would have liked to have been an eavesdropper on that conversation!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I really like the ending. :)

GEL said...

Mmmmm: the lines that remind me of Floots' beautiful "scapes". Super symbolism throughout. Love the idea of that boat. You conveyed how precious that kind of friendship is.

Prashant said...

Good words Mr.Pat.........

Borut said...

Really great - 'a table
large enough for a long visit'!:))Never heard of before!:) Sounds kind of four-dimensional!?:)

Prashant said...

Good evening Mr.Pat..
This is first time i have got someone online on blogger....
comments crashing ;-)

gracie said...

Oh how I love long lunches... and you have expressed it so well - it is a privilege to sit around the table of your blog and digest these morsels of brilliance!!! :)

Annie said...

Hi Pat,

Thanks for coming by my blog and commenting on the Cornish House in Little Rock.

I've read your poems here and find them quite accessible, enjoyable and thought provoking.

Have a pleasant Thanksgiving Day. I'll see you again. Annie

Pat Paulk said...

Thank you Joyce!! Nothing romantic, just a rekindling of an old frindship.

Gautami, it really did. Thank you!!

Thanks Margie!!

MB, she loves Scotland and has been there several times, so, as I was telling her about blogging, I started describing some of Floots wonderful photographs. She took her water glass, salt and pepper shakers and set them between our plates, giving me a geography lesson. I think the salt was the Isle Of Skye. Thank you!!

Thanks Don!! Might send it out.

Floots, see reply to MB, as you were there!! Thank you!!

Mrs, Staggs, I'm certainly enjoying having you here!! Been trying to go back to your blog, is it still there?

Thanks Mikaelah!! It definitely did!!

Thanks Kai!!

Polona, it was!! Thank you!!

Margo, thanks for coming by and commenting!!

Ann, thank you!! I had fun playing with that.

Kranti, in any language that is welcome!!

TIC, what's for supper??

Thanks Vaughn!!

Steve, glad to see you back!! Whatever you're wearing...

Cathy, it was wonderfully warm, and way too short.

Thanks Andrew!!

GEl, it's one that survives long absences without any rust!!

Prashant, thaks for the visit. Enjoyed your blog!!

Thanks Borut!! It was pretty much just two.

Gracie, where were you when I need to convince my high school teachers of that? Thank you!!

Annie, it's a beautiful old house. Thanks for returning the visit. Hope you and yours have a good holiday too!!

Amalendu said...

I can understand this Pat. Shenoi's (as you say seh-noy)are business communities from Southern part of India...

floots said...

condiments or compliments - i'm happy with what i can get :)