Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Change Of Address

I tossed my thoughts
in a copse of bare trees
to let them network
with filigree shadows,
and chip-chirp-chatter;
they needed the graphics
of sky and earth,
a change of address
from Windows and screens.

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samuru999 said...

Love this one Pat!
And, you read so well..
always a treat to hear your voice!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Russell Ragsdale said...

Reminds me of the light and shadows in A Clean, Well Lighted Place by Hemmingway. Great stuff Pat!

Anonymous said...

An interesting piece, Pat. I enjoyed it.

MB said...

I like this very much. Nice rhythm.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

good one! good to hear you, too. :)

polona said...

delightful, pat! love it!

floots said...

a breath of fresh air :)
nice one pat

ann said...

interesting subject.... and so lovely to put a voice to the face... it's usually the other way round

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

Don Iannone said...

Nice one Pat. What a voice! Will look for you on Ed Sullivan this Sunday evening...

Poetry by Kai said...


Masago said...

On the 3rd read I really got this. Nice.

Amalendu said...

lovely Pat...

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

How do you do this everyday!!!???

What a deep well of imagination you have!

Prashant said...

Its not so simple, atleast for me to comprehend in one go ;-)...

trinitystar said...

We should all toss our thoughts sometimes ... especially when they chatter.
Excellent Pat! Liked this poem. Food for thought.
:o) Happy Thanksgiving.

Pat Paulk said...

Thanks Margie, you're are very sweet!! Happy T'day to you too!!

Russell, thank you!! What a comparison. I confess I had not read that one until yesterday, I loved it!!

Thanks SB!! Sometimes I keep my face in this computer screen too much.

Thanks MB!!

Thanks Andrew!!

Thank you Polona!!

Floots, it was needed!! Thanks!!

Ann, thank you very much!!

Don, if that's being "aired" in the great beyond, I'll let Elvis take my place.

Thanks Kai!!

Thanks Vaughn!! Tried to throw some words in there to highlight the last line. Not being computer savy, I'm sure there were some better ones to use.

Thanks, Amalendu!!

TIC, WOW! what a compliment. Probably had something to do with the drugs back in the early '70's. Thank you!!

Prashant, I appreciate you reading!!

Trinitystar, at least run them through the washer and dryer. Thank you, and happy T'day. Ya'll don't have that in England, do you??

gautami tripathy said...

Beautiful imagery....!

Portnoy said...

i confess - i had to look up copse.

well done. i like it. (any poetry that i can grasp is usually poetry i like.) my wife has been writing and studying poetry for a while. I suppose i lean toward vintage billy collins over Homer. i think she would like your blog and your writing.

i must also confess that your twang adds some color and depth. i know. that makes me a bigot or something..... but better a poetry bigot than a racist comedian.

thanks for visiting and commenting on my site.