Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Two Point Two Belly Flop

We’ve all known a man, or a woman,
that the only thing that springs
from the diving board of their tongue,

is a whine, a complaint, a curse,
a double somersault negative
with a back stabbing twist.

Immediately, you want to grab the words,
like splashed globules of
mangled, water-puzzle-pieces,

and put them back behind their lips.
But, the ears have already been soaked
with a two point two end of dive belly flop.

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Anonymous said...


MB said...

double somersault negative
with a back stabbing twist

This is great, Pat! Way to work a metaphor!

Poetry by Kai said...

nicely done

polona said...

another great one, pat!
have known a few belly flop divers and learned it's best to stay away from them if possible.

floots said...

i've seen some dives in my time
but this is one of the best :)

Inconsequential said...


Cocaine Jesus said...

life is full of those folks my friend. your words neatly frame them.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

very true! I know many of them :)

Cathy said...

This is perfection. I know this person and imagined myself pushing the watery words right back into their drooling globs of self-pity...

Shane said...

pure genius

Jon Cox said...

AWESOME!!! :o) Thank you so much for stopping by! :o)

Amalendu said...


Masago said...

Bravo! ...a foot-in-of-the-mouth... rendered as a cannon-ball-out-of-the-mouth!

M. Shahin said...

Indeed! Only wish people could take those back stabbing twists, and turn it into good poetry like this poem.

silvermoon said...

I wish this terrific metaphor could reach out and change these kinds of people:"double somersault negative with a back stabbling twist."
Astute observation, creatively coined.

Pat Paulk said...

Thanks SB!!

Thank you Mary Beth!!

Thanks Kai!!

Polona, I try to avoid them like liver and brussel sprouts!! Thank you!!

Floots, I confess I have too. Probably been considered part of the furniture in one or two. Thanks!!

Thanks Inconsequential!!

CJ, unfortunately so true. Thank you!!

Knew most folks could relate to this. Thanks Andrew!!

Cathy, the problem is, they only spew them back out again. Thank you ma'am!!

Shane, wow!! Thanks!!

Thanks Jon Cox!!

Thanks Amalendu!!

Vaughn thank you!! Duct tape works good too!!

M. Shahin thank you very much!!

Silvermoon, never will. It's not for us they say the things they say, it's for them. Thank you!! When are you going to post some more of your wonderfully rich poetry??

temppixie said...

Reminded me of my day at work! Loved the audio clip, your voice is soooooooo sexy!

Anonymous said...

This is so incredibly timely for me! If only, if only the words could be put back.